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Formula: Grapefruit + Herbs

Grapefruit + Herbs
Florals + Pink Clay
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This Natural Vegan Soap, is lovingly handcrafted in the UK and formulated with the finest essential oils and botanicals, ensuring a skin-friendly experience while upholding the commitment to sustainability and plastic-free living.

Each soap bar weighs approximately 110g and it is entirely free from artificial colours, scents, and preservatives. Embracing the dedication to sustainability, all packaging is either recycled or recyclable. 

Grapefruit + Herbs

This variant combines the zesty essence of grapefruit with the soothing aromas of eucalyptus and rosemary.
Grapefruit renews and rejuvenates, enhancing softness and elasticity.
The Eucalyptus essence soothes and purifies, leaving you refreshed.
Rosemary protects and nourishes, promoting a healthy glow.

Florals + Pink Clay

A blend of Florals enriched with the essence of Pink Pepper and Pink Clay.
Lavender calms and relaxes, while Geranium uplifts and balances the senses.
Enhanced with the gentle exfoliating properties of Pink Clay, this soap bar nourishes and purifies, promoting a radiant complexion.